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Where to start - Working with Rainbow Churches, Phoenix Community Care, London Training Consortium, Internationally in Norway, Switzerland,France, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Canada - so what else would you like to know?

Questions! Queries! And Quandries about Prayer.

Memories of Church Prayer meetings in my teens. PRAYER    1.  While thinking about Prayer, I often realise that there are lots of things that puzzle me. For instance, let me ask you some questions.  Why is it that Prayer … Continue reading

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Where Are We Now?

 Where are we now? VALUES Many people do not understand that spending a heritage is like draining capital; in this case it is cultural capital Many do not understand that our UK cultural capital has been laid down over many … Continue reading

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To structure or not to structure, that is the question

To structure or not to structure, that is the question The people I mix with have got somewhat bored with, and no longer wish to think about or discuss church structure. That’s rather a shame as I believe it’s important … Continue reading

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My Pope Stories

My Pope stories….. I have lots of stories about my wife, her antics are a mine of interest and humor, let me share a couple with you. Story one  – Who is he  Some years ago I had a friend, … Continue reading

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Getting Your Hair Done!

Getting your hair done Black people in my church community, well to be more specific, the black girls, tell me that I need to understand that getting their hair done is: • Expensive • Takes a very long time to … Continue reading

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Strange Story

Strange story Some years ago I was invited to speak at a church meeting. My theme was ‘getting involved’, Pauline was with me and she also spoke along similar lines, emphasising the need for people who call themselves Christian to … Continue reading

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Faith Schools

Faith Schools I note that the atheist religious evangelist Richard Dawkins in on Channel 4 again complaining about faith schools and telling us in superior and somewhat condescending tones about how divisive they are to the community. I also note … Continue reading

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